Grand Opening | Your Journey Awaits


Inspired by her extensive travels, Amor Mas founder, Dani Washington longed for home fragrances to transport her back to some of her most beloved destinations. She wished to experience the exotic, spicy aromas of Marrakech’s souks while at home in her New England apartment. After months of trial and error, she hand-crafted a collection of scents and aromas to transport her (and you) to distant lands.

We craft luxury home aromatics for the discerning customer. Amor Mas offers hand-poured artisan aromatics that fill your space with an intoxicating, luxurious aroma. Our candles are hand-poured with an all-natural coconut blend wax. Each product is meticulously crafted with special attention to both scent and packaging.

We hope you enjoy every scent. Feel free to get carried away!


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