Have you ever noticed that travel makes everything better?

We totally agree!

So we decided to combine our love of travel with our love of candles. 

Amor Mas

Luxury, wanderlust-inspired scents for the discerning nose.

We craft luxury home aromatics for the discerning customer.

Amor Mas offers hand-poured artisan candles to fill your space with an intoxicating, luxurious aroma. Our candles are hand-poured with an all-natural coconut blend wax.

 Each candle is meticulously crafted from wax to wick.

“Whether you long to be transported to the tranquil beaches of Baja, the exotic souks of Marrakech, or the posh shops of Kensington…Amor Mas is your getaway when you can’t get away…”

Our Regents Collection grounds your home with four essential destinations, while our limited-edition collections keep things fresh.

This is Dani

She has an obsession with candles and a discerning nose. After spending a year living in Spain and traversing across Europe and Northern Africa, she longed to recreate the aromas of her various destinations.
Dani birthed the idea of Amor Mas to merge her love of travel + candles.

Fragrance + Materials

We developed each scent through countless iterations using only the finest fragrances to recreate the experience of each destination.

Our choice in an untreated wooden wick coupled with all-natural coconut wax within a reusable tin (think pens, makeup brushes, and maybe even your "scrunchie" collection!) make for an environmentally conscious candle.

Your getaway when you can't get away...

Do you remember traveling to a new destination and having an aroma stay with you even when you returned home?