Have you ever noticed that traveling to a new place cures all ills?

Us too, so we decided to create getaways for those times when we can’t get away. 

This is Dani

She has an obsession with candles and a discerning nose.
After spending a year living in Spain and traversing across Europe and Northern Africa, she longed to recreate the aromas of her various destinations. Dani birthed the idea of Amor Mas to merge her love of travel + candles.

We like our candles the way we like our people...NON-TOXIC!

At Amor Mas we strive to create candles that promote wanderlust and relaxation. You can't truly relax when you're worried about whether or not your candles have toxic ingredients. From our wax to our wicks, we have taken special care to ensure that each candle is meticulously crafted and component is ethically and sustainably sourced. Our wax is an all-natural coconut wax, which burns 35% cleaner than soy wax, and our wicks are made of untreated wood. Each scent is created from phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils, and we do not add any dyes to our wax. Safe to say, just like everything else in our life...our candles are non-toxic!


We develop our fragrances through countless iterations to get those aromas - from salty, Amalfi air to exotic, Baja beaches - just right.

Wax Blend

For our wax, we tested every option available and settled on a luxurious all-natural coconut + apricot blend thats makes the ideal smooth-burning base.