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Wanderlust Chronicles: Mallorca

Attractions in Mallorca, Spain.

Culture, history and nature in perfect harmony create joy for everyone! And it is the type of combination that you will find in Mallorca, Spain.

Mallorca or Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Although Mallorca is a part of Spain, it has a different world quality and the landscape is more rugged. The rich wooded hillside directs down to the sea.

Thousands of visitors travel Mallorca annually to get new experiences with the sea, sun and the sand. The cool weather, breathtaking views and delicious cuisine are just plus points. Mallorca also has many hidden gems that are only known by locals or well-informed foreigners. The picturesque coastline, sensational viewpoints, charming villages, ancient castles, art museums and medieval churches are the island’s biggest focal points.

So, read this complete guide to ‘Attractions in Mallorca, Spain’ to find a list of must-see attractions in Mallorca out of the plenty of tourist attractions that one should never miss.

The Cultured capital city of Palma de Mallorca

The whole city offers the tourists a perfect combination of culture and relaxation in seaside. The cathedral and the church are the two gems in this city, which enhances the beauty as well as the prestige of the city among other European capitals. The Cathedral the Mallorca is a sandstone building that belongs to the 13th century. This massive structure covers an area of 6,600 square meters which is of height 44 meters. Guillermo’s sculptures in Gothic style add the cathedral a splendid appearance. When you move 3km from Palma de Mallorca, Castillo de Bellver proudly sitting on the hilltop would be met. It was once a royal fortress but now open to the public as a castle. Its precinct is directed by a bridge through Gothic arcades. You aren’t able to overlook the royal chapel that lets you enjoy the view of the bay from south.

Alcudia’s Old Town

Alcudia is one of the most picturesque and amazingly preserved towns in Mallorca. This is a medieval town famous for delicious cuisine, valuable historic monuments and cultural festivals. The first impression with pine trees and rich foliage in either side is attractive. It stands at a considerable distance from the sea as this gave protection from pirates during the Middle Ages. One who enters will feel an old-world atmosphere through the medieval streets, palaces and Renaissance houses. It also houses Santa Ana, Sant Jaume and the Baroque chapel of Sant Crist churches which are built on Roman settlements. So don’t forget to see its archaeological site. Everywhere is sand, sea and relaxing. Log on to the bird watching park, La Albufera outside the town. The seashore with crystal clear water beautifies the surrounding area. Also, try to manage your time to see the modern contemporary museum in Alcudia.    

Puerto Portals: A Glamorous Seaside Resort

If you want to see a favourite destination of the Royal family, then you must visit Puerto Portals. It’s an upscale seaport in Southwest of Majorca. Beautiful yachts invite to dream and wonder. Restaurants and snack bars are excellent where you can enjoy gastronomy. This is rather exhausting during summer but brilliant during winter with Christmas markets and fun events and mostly due to fewer crowds. All the waterfront enjoyments at one place from dolphin shows, sea lion shows to yacht clubs and Ferraris rides are to be found. Best time of the day here is during sunset, for spectacular views and amazing photoshoots. Souvenir shops are seen all around this chic marina but are quite expensive


It’s a gem locked between the Mediterranean Sea and Tramuntana mountains. Valldemossa is a historic village filled with allure but the port of Valldemossa still looks like a mini fishing village where you can buy fresh seafood. The hillsides are lush with vegetation which pleases your eyes. Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, a Carthusian monastery is the famous attraction included here which belongs to the 14th century. Carthusian monks used to pray and live under this calm background with spiritual inspiration. Its grounds are excellent still. Novelist George Sand spent one winter at the monastery where he completed his famous book A Winter on Majorca. The pianist Frederic Chopin too, spent a winter here while composing Raindrop Prelude.

Soller’s Beautiful Seaside Scenery

Get on to a train from Palma de Mallorca to reach the Soller which will offer you an old classical experience. This is a beautiful little town situated in a valley surrounded by amazing views of olive, oranges and citrus orchards. Soller trains will take you around this landscape to show you its gorgeous sceneries. There are plenty of cafes where you can sip delicious fresh orange juices and local ice-creams. You should visit the three museums in Soller to explore its magnificent history. The Port of Soller offers breathtaking views of the marina which often receives many yachts and small boats.


Drive 25km from Palma de Mallorca to meet an amazing collection of seashores perfect for sunbathers. The beach Playa del Arenal extends up to the Palma de Mallorca through the towns in between. It offers you amusement with swimming, surfing, yacht clubs and many more. The Cala Pi Beach is naturally protected so claims crystal-clear waters and a sandy beach. It’s rather a perfect place for scuba diving than sunbathing. Llucmajor attracts golfers and tourists alike because of its golf course and naval sports.

The Port town of Pollenca

Have you ever seen a deep blue sea? If not, visit the port town of Pollenca to see a deep blue sea made by the falling shadows of Calvari Mountains and Pollenca. It’s a wonderland with yacht clubs, water sports, scuba diving and sunbathing on a white-sandy shore. It also houses two important churches that belong to the 13th century. You won’t have a single minute to be wasted here. Plenty of sites to explore with the fishing village, Puerto de Pollenca and Mirador de Mal Pas viewpoint.

Arta’s picturesque historic Town

The historic Arta city is trapped in a valley surrounded by almonds, olives and fig orchards. The Arta Mountains provide a spectacular backdrop. The red-tiled roofs that stretch all over the town enhance the attraction. It also houses a chapel, Santuari de Sant Salvador as well as an old fortress that makes the town overlooking. If you browse into the Restaurante Andreu Genestra, you can get amazing views of the countryside. Also, you must see the system of caves with stalactites and stalagmites outside of Arta.

Deia: A charming Artists’ Village

If you move 15km from Soller, you’ll come across Deia, a charming artists’ village. Robert Graves, a popular poet used to live here appreciating its beauty through his words. Deia is all about its sensational views through lovely landscaping, pavilions, footbridges and Pagodas. All most all the houses are designed with quaint stones depicting Mediterranean architecture. One who visits here must taste the delicious Balearic cuisine served at several top-restaurants. Step on to a small cove Cala Deia to enjoy swimming in a tiny beach.

The quiet country town of Petra

You must drive 43km from Palma de Mallorca to find Petra. Try to visit here on the third Sunday of every September to get together with a festival that is decorated with parades and colourful floral. The convent of Friar Junipero is an important site at Petra. His life story, as well as his works, are kept in display at the Museum in Petra. Visitors of Petra should not miss its churches including Iglesia de San Pedro which is a fortress-like church.  

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