Behind the Scenes


Dani Washington

Recreating Paradise: What's In a Scent

December 14, 2016: I decided to spend the New Year in Morocco. I had initially planned to spend my New Year in London, but I wanted something new, something different. I wanted to start my year travelling in a place I’d never been before doing things I’d never done before. So I did.

Being goofy in Bahia Palace, Marrakech

I spent a week traversing across Morocco, visiting souks, buying my weight in argan oil and saffron, going sand-boarding, sleeping in the desert, riding camels…you name it! When I was there, if our guides told me something was artisan-made – I wanted it! By the end of the trip, I returned with an extra duffel bag (that I found in a leather shop in Chefchaouen) filled with gifts and presents for my friends and family. I’ve always longed to share my jaunts in meaningful ways, through spices, fragrances, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to create Amor Mas and share wanderlust-inspired scents with the world.

Amor Mas means “love more” in Spanish and at the time of my trip to Morocco I was living in Avila, Spain and working as an English teaching assistant or auxiliar de conversaccion. I spent much of my time creating and reflecting; creating watercolor paintings, lesson plans, music playlists, freelance articles and reflecting about the life I’d left behind in Washington, DC and the life I was creating for myself. I was in a place where I thoroughly loved my life, I was happy and free…and I did not plan to return to the United States in the foreseeable future.

Life happened, and by that summer I was back in Connecticut and reminiscing over the life I once lived and wondering if it were all a dream. Attempting to recreate the feeling I had in Spain, I began to create again; but this time, I created candles. I sought out to create scents that reminded me of places I’ve visited and places I longed to visit. One of my first scents that I’ve been able to bring forth is Marrakech, the spiciness of the ginger and the rich saffron flower remind me of my first night in Morocco. Wandering around the markets with new found friends, we sat at a place and ordered a feast of food: various tagines, kebabs, seafood, coucous, gunpowder tea, we “people-watched” and absorbed the energetic vibe of the people.

I love crafting scents from my memories of places, lighting a candle and being transported back to a location even if I’m on the other side of the planet.

Experience Marrakech for yourself