Travelers know that it’s impossible to comprehensively illustrate the experience of visiting a new place. That explanation would require an analysis of that culture’s facets, and perhaps a few tears for the moments that changed your life. Amor Más creates candles that encapsulate those travel experiences — in a jar.

Our founder, Dani Washington, found herself in similar shoes when asked about her travels. And in conversation about each city, its scent was always a focal point of the description. So she thought, why not combine her love for fragrance with her passion for travel to offer an aromatic experience reminiscent of those places.

Spicy / Citrus


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Luxurious wax for the discerning nose.

Non-toxic, no additives, vegan, and all-natural.

Escape with Just a Flicker



After studying abroad in England and Brazil, Dani’s passion for immersive cultural experiences brought her back to Spain, where she taught English in Arevalo. During that time, she toured the continent of Europe (and then some), making stops in Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Morocco. Upon her return stateside, Dani decided that the best way to honor her travels was to create candles that replicated the fragrances of her favorite cities. And thus, Amor Más was born.



Amor Más’s first candle collection, released on July 13th, 2018, included three scents: Camden, Williamsburg, and Marrakech. These candles sparked the beginning of our company’s journey, allowing us to grow and produce more candles for more of our favorite places.

Now, Amor Más is a full-fledged luxury home-fragrance boutique with 18 scents of candles and reed diffusers. What was once a passion project has now become a source of aromatic escape for clients across the country.



Our Mission

Amor Más is an ode to the memories of our travels around the world, from surfing gnarly waves in Maui to skydiving off the coast of Mallorca. We spark wanderlust and inspiration with the relaxing flicker of a candle flame. You’re not just purchasing a candle — you’re investing in a travel experience without the cost of purchasing a plane ticket. Our chandlers meticulously craft each candle with love, wanderlust, and an insatiable curiosity about the world. Your home already feels like paradise — buy a candle that smells like paradise, too.

We produce our fragrances with all-natural, vegan ingredients.


We create scents inspired by destinations, whether it’s Morocco or Brazil, we travel there and explore the hidden sides of a city and really get a feel for it. When we visit a destination we strive to build a custom scent around certain aspects of the destination that sets it apart, for example: with the Amalfi scent it is the twinge of lemon in the air as you inhale the aroma of the sea and fresh linen. Getting creative is how we discover blends that are perfect and we use always use generous amounts of premium fragrance oils along with all-natural wooden wicks.

We handpick each destination and make sure to provide additional resources (think blog posts, travel guides) so that your curiosity and wanderlust can lead you to exploring more about each destination.

Each candle is hand poured and then allowed to cure for several days before they are test-burned for performance and quality. We work closely with suppliers who share the same passion for quality, ethically-sourced material. We believe in multifunctional packaging and invite you to reuse your golden tin, the possibilities are endless!